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Side 7 Announces v4.1 Launch

We are pleased to announce that Side 7 v4.1 will be released soon. We're aiming for the first week in October. While reviewing our design goals, we've changed our release process. Instead of one to two large updates per year, we've decided we're going to work in 60-day development cycles, and release numerous smaller updates each year. These updates will bring about new features, bug fixes, and design changes.

Version 4.1 is up first, bringing with it a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes and updates, but also a number of forums bug fixes, optimization of many of the database queries (which will speed up the site considerably), and bring in some new features.

Some of the new features include:

  • RSS and Twitter feeds: Keep your friends up to date on your latest posts by having post links automatically cross-post to Twitter, or update via RSS (available to 5-Star Accounts).

  • Journals: Keep your friends up to date with your deepest thoughts with your account journal.

  • Custom Links: Like a particular tutorial or web site? Add it to your links list, fully customizable with categories!

  • Invite-A-Friend: Send automatic invites to your friends, complete with referral links to earn Account Points.

Keep your eyes open for more updates!

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You last line reminded me of your personal adventure recently. Hope you're doing alright!

I'm hanging in there, thanks. At least I can see today. Tomorrow I head to the ophthalmologist's.

Updates are always an exciting thing! Do you plan to ever fix the point system, however? Lately it seems like only one point is granted for uploading/commenting/etc, and the comment grading system is gone. That was useful! And with it being much harder to get points, I might not be able to renew my 3 star account next year. I know I won't be able to pay cash, and I'm not earning enough points with the new system.

The point system is going to be expanded, yes. And comment grading will return, as well. Both are going through an overhaul. Points are going to become even more important, as a future update will present 5-Star features for "sale" through account points.